How to make clams spit clean

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 Clams are a kind of shellfish that many people like. It has a special flavor and taste, but if you want it to spit clean sand, you must pursue strategies. The following methods can make clams spit clean sand, namely salt water soaking, warm water soaking and shaking.

How to make clams spit clean
How to make clams spit clean
1. Salt water immersion: Salt water immersion is a method that many people know, and it takes about two hours to soak. Just prepare a basin of salt water, then place the clams in the water and wait for about two hours. However, some people think that the waiting time is too long and other methods can be used.
2. Warm water soaking: This method is different from salt water soaking. First, put the clams in warm water at about 50 degrees Celsius. This will not take too long and is more convenient. When the water temperature reaches about 50 degrees Celsius, the clam feels danger and will spit out the sand in order to protect itself, so that the clam can become cleaner.
3. Shaking method: The shaking method is also very simple. First put these clams in a basin, and then cover it with another basin, and shake it constantly. Remember to shake it several times. This is a relatively simple and rude method. You can try it.
What are the nutritional value of clams
How to make clams spit clean
Clams can live for a long time and taste very delicious. They also have high nutritional value. They contain a lot of protein, as well as fatty carbohydrates, etc. It has relatively low calories and high nutritional value and is a relatively healthy food. Clams are also high in calcium, and there are a lot of trace elements, which can make the body's metabolism faster and can play a role in preventing and curing diseases. Although clam is a common food in life, many people don't know it. It is one of the top ten undead creatures in the world, and it can live a long time without outside interference.
What to pay attention to when eating clams
How to make clams spit clean
People with poor spleen and stomach should not eat, nor should people with other diseases. The clams taste very delicious. It is best not to put too much seasoning when making them to avoid affecting the taste. There is sand in the clams. It is best to clean the sand in advance. When buying clams, it’s best to buy them alive. You can pick them up and tap them gently. If it makes a popping sound, it means it’s dead. If it makes a clucking sound, it means it’s alive. There are many different ways of making clams. You can make them according to your own preferences when making them. I believe you can enjoy the uniqueness of it.

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