Top ten seafood in the world

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 Introduction: Nowadays seafood is nothing new. Needless to say, those who live by the sea can easily enjoy seafood cuisine even if they live inland. I have recommended the top ten most expensive fruits in the world for everyone before, and today I will talk about the top seafood in the world.

1. Alaska king crab
Everyone knows the taste of king crab is very delicious, of course, the corresponding price is more expensive. Alaska king crabs are the best of them. They are not only big and firm, but also very tender and juicy. They are rare and delicious. Of course, the price is also considerable.
2. China Taiwan Tiger Crab
This seafood from China is not only non-fishy but also a bit sweet. The overall characteristic is that it has a thin shell and a lot of meat. It tastes super delicious and the price is relatively expensive.
3. French Belon oysters
Oysters are roughly divided into two types: copper oysters and stone oysters. French Belon oysters are copper oysters. They are the best of oysters, but they may taste a bit heavy.
4. Canadian Geoduck
Geoduck is an embarrassing delicacy. What do people think of geoduck? However, Canadian geoduck is the top one and it tastes very good.
5. French Belon oysters
Eating oysters in the night market is also very refreshing, and the taste of oysters with garlic sauce is also very good. However, French Belon oysters, one of the top ten top seafood in the world, are among the high-end products and the best in oysters.
6. Bluefin tuna
This kind of tuna is a kind of super delicacy, the taste is quite delicious, but due to human overfishing, it is on the verge of extinction, and the price is also rising.
7. Salmon
Salmon is a special kind of salmon. Because the genitals do not develop normally, the meat is melted in the mouth, and the price is quite expensive. Only one salmon will appear in 10,000 salmon. The price can reach 4000 yuan per kilogram. The local tyrants are nothing at all.
8. Gooseneck Barnacles
The gooseneck barnacle is not only a strange name but also a very special one. It is called golden seafood because of its high price, and it deserves its name as one of the top ten seafood in the world. Its price can reach 9,400 yuan per kilogram, and because the quantity is scarce, it is not always possible to have money.
9. Wild large yellow croaker
A fairly low-key seafood, it looks mediocre, but the price is quite surprising. A wild large yellow croaker of more than three catties sells for about 90,000 yuan.
10.Australian lobster
In film and television works, many wealthy people prefer to eat Australian lobster. Of course, in reality, this type of lobster is also preferred by wealthy people. Not only are they big, but the meat is also quite delicious, and they are full of satisfaction. It is reasonable to enter the world's top ten seafood.

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