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Hand Foods (Dalian) Co., Ltd.was established in the beautiful ocean city of Dalian, the northeast pearl of China which is one of the most important import and export seaport of China. Rely on the three side of ocean for Dalian city, there are rich of various of seafood available from this beautiful ocean city. 

The Pioneer of Hand Foods (Dalian) Co., Ltd.whom has been in the career of various of aquatic products’ catching, farming, processing experience over 25years, most of the backbone of the company are graduated from the marine university or relating research and technical school which bring this new company top-grade personnel to support and develop this professional seafood company. 

Based on the local rich marine resource and international grade import & export seaport basement, we are professional in doing the international seafood process and exporting business and could supply top quality of various seafood products to the global markets. 
There are around hundreds of processed seafood products available from us for exporting to the global food markets.
Meantime, we also import some marine raw aquatic materials from global sea for processing and re-exporting or domestic seafood market. 
We are always taking ourselves as the end consumers and are trying every new developed seafood to assure its best quality for the human being, meanwhile, we are taking strict quality control management to give the second assurance for the good quality of our processed seafood.

We, Hand Foods (Dalian) Co., Ltd.  are devoting our life into the seafood products’ developing ,processing, marketing , import and exporting business and are trying to create more environmental , more healthy and better taste of seafood for the global consumers. 

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